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2018-11-26 22:18:34

Team building – cost or an investment?

There is a big dilemma if the money invested in team building pays off or not. There is no simple answer to that since team building is a rather overused term these days, where every activity taken outside the office is said to be team building. Well, It’s not! It is only worth of investing in it if you firstly discover potential problems and if these informal activities aim at them.

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2018-11-30 16:33:15

You can’t like what you don’t know – Serbia

Serbia, Syria, Siberia, all three sound the same but are totally different areas and countries. While Siberia is a part of Russia known for its cruel weather conditions where your tears freeze short before you wipe them off, Syria is a main news topic nowadays regarding the war and sad reality of Syrian refugees. Well, that’s what Serbia has in common with Syria, wars. If you plan to come to Serbia, don’t ask someone older for an advice, they will tell you there is still a war and how dangerous it is.

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2019-02-04 17:23:21

What Exactly is a Team?

Ever wondered how you work in a team but are apart from it? It is no surprise that many companies are organised in teams where members within have few or none connections at all. Yes, you belong to marketing team, for example, but most of people is focused solely on their job and have no clue what the colleague sitting next to them is really working on. Team is often used to describe a number of employees focused on same or similar tasks, with no or few relations and communication needs between them and generally working the same thing, but for different client and/or market. I would rather call this department, unit...

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2019-02-22 11:14:21

Six team building goals to reach

Team building is such a simple term, but yet often misused to present anything people do outside workplace but with their colleagues, as well as team, considered sometimes as a group of people sitting in the same room. As explained in previous article What exactly is a team, team has its features and purposes, but above all, team has potential.

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