Team building is such a simple term, but yet often misused to present anything people do outside workplace but with their colleagues, as well as team, considered sometimes as a group of people sitting in the same room.  As explained in previous article What exactly is a team, team has its features and purposes, but above all, team has potential. It is always interesting to compare two or more companies and their success. Sometimes you have two representatives from industry, founded around the same time, had similar ideas of products to work on, quality leadership and more less same market environment, as an external factor. But, they are completely different firms in terms of their products, success story and organisational model. There might be more reasons, but it is likely one of them had a good team and bright team values.

Let’s compare team with a family, and as there are more and less functional families, there are also more and less functional teams. Family where roles are not shared, communication is weak, members don’t trust each other enough and reaching a common agreement is science fiction, fail to progress in any sense and leave scars. The same thing is with the team, with a difference that colleagues are usually not so close, and do not share their opinion with others, thus the problems remain silent, and solutions out of reach. If you want your team to become a functional family, you need to work on it! Among many positive outcomes you can get within team, here are some of them you can, should and will shoot with team building activities:

1. Networking, socializing, and getting to know each other better

They say good sleep is important as we spend third of our life in bed, well, which part of the life people spend at work? I will not try to calculate the percentage of life spent on the chair in front of computer, but I can tell you it is at least one third of the work day. Imagine you are spending everyday eight hours with people you talk to, network, plan together dinners and sports, know their flaws and points they shine, and most importantly know them.

2. Teamwork and boosting team performance

Teamwork has many positive effects, but one of the best is synergy. You can’t believe what great teams throughout the history created and how they’ve changed the world. Synergy is a creation of a whole, greater than the simple sum of its parts and the term comes from Greek, as many clever things do, meaning “working together”. You see, ancient Greeks knew what teamwork is all about. We can say that five people in your team working together on a “mission” can provide effects as there were 6, 7 or even 10 people working on it.

3. Competitors, Leaders

First thought of term competition may be Coca-Cola and Pepsi, BMW and Mercedes, Apple and Samsung. Not many people think of competition within team, among team members. It is desirable to put your team members in situation they can show who has leadership aspiration and who likes to compete. If healthy competition on the market is good for consumers, it also can be good for the team. Questioning others opinion as well as exposing personal opinion leads to harder work among competing team mates and as well to better product at the end.

4. Celebration, team spirit, fun, and motivation

Every day should be a celebration of life, gratitude for one more day to spend on the most amazing place, planet Earth. Good teams have fun, and for them working is playing, as a matter of perception. How you like the job you have, depends on few objective factors, your feelings towards job description and at the end, how you perceive the job and workplace. You want your team to have a positive perception of work they do and the environment they operate in, and you will have people who enjoy work, celebrate good results and get motivated by ones.

5. Collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity

People who feel free to express their opinion and vision, tend to collaborate more. You need to enforce the freedom of speech, honesty and open minded culture and you will be sitting at the table amazed by ideas of people sitting, brainstorming and just adding elements of creation to previous colleague’s ideas. When being free to give ideas, team itself act as an institution and fosters innovative solutions and creative thinking.

6. Communication and working better together

Last but not the least, communication. Communication channels nowadays thrive to revolutionize the way we communicate, talk to each other, and yet communication between people hasn’t been worse from the time of using pigeons to send messages. With so many different channels of communication, private and business, people are getting lost and overcrowded with information flow. But what is more important for your team is the way they communicate, the lack of empathy for others. We are all different, but you need to work on flexibility in communication and think of perceptual positions, because in conversation, you are not alone, usually.

Good teams deliver results, bad teams headaches!