There is a big dilemma if the money invested in team building pays off or not. There is no simple answer to that since team building is a rather overused term these days, where every activity taken outside the office is said to be team building. Well, It’s not! It is only worth of investing in it if you firstly discover potential problems and if these informal activities aim at them.

According to article on Forbes team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. So, will the team building bring necessary return on investment in your company? Well, it mostly depends on the attitude of the one who decides about team building in your company. If you (or your boss) just want to show employees that you, kind of, care for them, you will book them a nice weekend where they can be partying drunk with no purpose. They will be grateful, but all they will learn is that hangovers get worse with ages.

 You know, this is all but team building. If you want to spend some money on team-building activities, start from what your team needs? What do you think they lack the most, what are their needs and what they want to do? Are they feeling like an ugly duck? Plan activities that can trigger the issues you have within team, or hire event management agency to do the work for you.

My definition on team building is that team building represent activities aimed to help your team build up. Doesn’t help much, right? Well, team building activities are supposed to target anything that is wrong with your team. That can be lack of trust between each other, inefficient communication (or ineffective), bad organisational skills, employees’ values are not aligned with company values, lack of cooperation among team members and lack of support among them, sharing knowledge with each other, helping new members fit in and so on, the list of ‘what can be wrong’ can be rather long. They all might be different, but they are playing for the same team.

Well planned and organised team building can help your employees by:

1. Improving workplace productivity

2. Promoting positive relationships at work

3. Improving communication process among team members

4. Improving communication between employees and superior

5. Developing self-confidence of employees and their overall satisfaction

6. Proving them they belong in the company and within that team

But do not rush with team building, it is an investment only if it solves some problems, if not, it is just a ‘’good weekend’’, nothing more.